25 things to do before i turn 25

  1. Get my University degree
  2. Start my own business
  3. Have at least  $3,000 on my savings account
  4. Meet the President or someone equally as important/famous
  5. Win something (big or small) – a contest
  6. Be proud to represent my country abroad
  7. Take my parents out to a nice dinner
  8. buy a small plot
  9. Travel to one country in Europe, Asia and Latin America
  10. Hold my breath and buy a Macbook pro
  11. Volunteer for an organization
  12. Donate blood
  13. Start a blog
  14. cook my own dinner
  15. Learn to play guitar
  16. Learn to dance
  17. Attend an NBA game (preferably Lakers at staples center)
  18. Own a car
  19. Swim in an Ocean
  20. Take a road trip with friends
  21. Go sky diving
  22. Drive (rent) an amazing car
  23. Get a full body check up
  24. Learn a new language (I currently speak French, English, Swahili and Kinyarwanda, I want to learn Spanish)
  25. Spend my 25th birthday in a fabulous place

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