President Paul KAGAME’s inspirational quotes…

Every time president KAGAME start a speech, I always wait for a quote… an inspirational quote…
I randomly picked some of his quotes which inspires me in his recent speeches to share them with you.

here they are:

Flexibility does not mean we should be led around like cows, we are not cows, we own cows.

We can be poor materially but we are not poor spiritually and intellectually.

We can’t be made to dance around by everybody who thinks that they are better or they have more than us, No way.

There are things you can’t be taught by someone else, if you wait to read in a book what’s good for you, you are in trouble. Don’t waste opportunities, Africa need you.

We cannot turn the clock back nor we can undo the harm caused, but we have the power to determine the future and to ensure that what happened never happens again

Let no one think that flexibility and a predisposition to compromise is a sign of weakness or a sell-out

In Africa today, we recognize that trade and investment, and not aid, are pillars of development.

There are some who are scared by unity and by building a country on the basis of ideas

Such problems are not solved in one day but there is a great step toward peace and security in the region

Some of these decisions might not attract applause but certainly people have to understand that in the end, we shall all benefit.

Success built on internally-generated ideas breeds confidence and fosters dignity.

I submit to you that Africa’s position and relevance in the world in an increasingly competitive global environment will be ensured by a leadership and people that refuse to be second best and that stand up for their shared interests.

For the youth to take their proper role in leadership, it must start early. You don’t wait for tomorrow. You start as early as possible, it starts with individuals, then groups, then it goes up to the level of the nation and beyond.

We kind of have been in those positions of horses; we must change that and be riders of horses and donkeys.

But it is our duty as young people or students to make sure that we become the change agents that we should be and are capable of being. We must have that determination, we must make that choice, we must be able to do it.

We are capable of doing it, because we are talented as much as any other person on this earth, isn’t it? Yes! Why should you be a secondary citizen on this planet earth? Why should you? Ask yourself that question. Always ask yourself that Question.

Young people, our future, you must not accept that, it doesn’t mean saying no, you must do something about it. It’s not just about words, its saying no through what you do that brings about that change, and who says it is simple. I’m not saying it’s simple, I’m only saying we are just capable of doing it, but we have to make the right choices, we have to do the right things, we have to understand the purpose of doing that.

We have to fight for every inch of our territory in terms of giving ourselves dignity, nobody will give it to us, if you are sitting and waiting for somebody to hand it to you, you will wait forever.

What you study in schools whichever background, is one big step, its very important but more important is how you use that for that purpose, more importantly how you build on the capacity you have built to contribute to the well-being of your people, society and nation and yourself.

You may go to any school get any number of diplomas, that’s huge, important, but there is something more important waiting ahead and that’s how are you going to sue this to improve yourself, your society and nation.

It comes with a lot of hard work that we must be able to undertake, no doubt about it, and we shouldn’t expect anyone else to be the one to undertake that hard work for us. It doesn’t work like that.

When we are unified, working together, no challenge is insurmountable

Transformational leadership that will lead to Africa’s prosperity must be confident, assertive, innovative.

You can have your day, you can cause suffering to my people. On that one, they are very good. You can have your day. But to make Rwandans compliant because of that or on that basis will be very, very difficult.

Fellow Rwandans, you should not accept to be victims. Never put yourself in a vulnerable position because no one will get you out.

There is another kind of power that we have and should use. The power of being right. The power of being correct. The power of refusing injustice.

Agaciro – the dignity that we have. Only people who can continue to give that dignity to Rwanda are the people who should lead Abanyarwanda!

Nta muntu ushobora kuguha agaciro,agaciro n’ukukiha kuko n’uburenganzira bwanyu kandi biri mu bushobozi bwanyu,bikwiye rero kuba no mubushake bwanyu kugirango mubigereho.

9 thoughts on “President Paul KAGAME’s inspirational quotes…

  1. Amon says:

    The nice quotes that inspire Rwandan people. They are full of advice. May God bless our president in his leadership.

  2. Niyitegeka Jean d'amour says:

    thanks our president&parent of Rwandans Paul KAGAME,your advice is always needed,may God bless you and your family.

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