Why do we dread our Crutches?

I wrote and published this post in the Journal Servir of Indatwa n’Inkesha School (GSOB) in 2007

The youth, also called adolescence or teenage is recognized to be the age of discovery, dreams, illusions, joys … It is characterized by a crisis of the thirst of self-determination. Some people attain to call it the age of madness, because the young do not want any correction or leadership from a pretending or pretended grown up, they want to rule themselves. But psychologically speaking, they still need a lot of help so that they can get effectively what their vision is.

Among the deals that they find hard or difficult to bear is school. School is for the some kind of jail. They therefore envy liberty and freedom. School hinders them to reach that freedom and that liberty.

The teenagers simply hate or, let us say, develop obsessional hatred and fear for the four walls and the big mirror that probably reflects their ugly and dull images. That obsessional fear is what psychologists would name phobia. But what kind of phobia is it and what does consist of?

Let us simply hold that young people find it difficult to bear to remain more than five hours, sitting and listening to a pretending grownup, who imposes what is called discipline. Discipline is only some sort of road-block that prevents them from their and liberty freedom. In other words, authority and its work “knife” after striking and blowing the young adolescents. The latter utter that one can lead good and comfortable life without being schooled.

The teenagers pretend to know to know and master everything. They have dreams, illusions, are good at singing, laughing, mocking, dressing. Their illusions are of great exploits and discoveries. Those adolescents, in one word, want to discover and build the world by themselves even though they pretext to have mastered it while they are yet learning. Instructions hence prevent them from realizing their projects, their immediate needs to satisfy.
Several questions arise in their minds. But easy answers can be provided. School is nonsense because it teaches under pressure what is useless. Also, it is not important to keep on studying while one is failing, getting fewer marks and others are succeeding. That is injustice. There are plenty of lessons that are worth of a simple fact of being swabbed from the school time table. They do not contribute to the young people’s welfare.

Though the teenagers find that spending twelve years or more at school is tiresome, education imposes herself as a key that opens us to the success of our life. She of all allows us to cast out ignorance from our inner side and therefore opens the gates of knowledge about the global village.

In addition, when somebody is instructed or schooled, they may get a good and paying job which lets them live in fair conditions. Beside, an educated man is a respectable guy in society. He occupies an admirable rank in men’s classes of society.

Further, pride is granted to a person in regard to their level of studies.
School education is, if we have to sum it, a friend, a tower that assists, supporting, and human being overcome lots of social problems. An educated gentleman is different from any other guy by his manner of living, behaving, thinking, judging and considering things or fact. She therefore makes of a man a second-natured person, a re-created man. The youth should take it easy, not always think in terms of satisfying the immediate life needs, and then go beyond that in their minds. They would learn to prepare the future by means of the present. How is it that a lame person can develop hatred and/or fear of his own crutches?

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