I used to think… Now I think…

I used to think… that because I am young, I would not be able to do amazing things I really want to do.
Now I think… that I can do anything I set my mind to if I do not let anything hold me back. Only I can prevent myself from achieving my goals and my passion.

I used to think… If you come from a broken home, would live in a broken future.
Now I think… You can shape your own future and get away from the brokenness.

I used to think… think outside the box
Now I think… think like there’s no box

I used to think… that life is about wake up, survive and sleep again
Now I think… I was to be a history maker

I used to think… life is unpredictable; everything is hazard
Now I think… life is predictable, with options and choices we make

I used to think… life is about hard work, die rich and leave a name
Now I think… live for yourself and become insignificant but live for others and make history

I used to think… Rwanda would never rise again
Now I think… we can make it to a first world nation, can’t wait…

I used to think… loosing friends was really fatal
Now I think… You don’t really lose friends. You just find out who was real and who never was

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