12 lessons #2012TaughtMe

  1. Keep yourself humble until God elevates you
  2. If you want to be somewhere, you have to dress like it and act like it
  3. Stay with a positive attitude, develop a habit of smiling on purpose, and keep singing a song of joy in your heart, despite the circumstances. Eliminate any unhealthy actions, attitudes or lifestyle issues. Move from believing to expecting…
  4. You may go to any school get any number of diplomas, that’s huge, important, but there is something more important waiting ahead and that’s how are you going to sue this to improve yourself, your society and nation.
  5. Your best friends are not only human beings but books, to read books is like going to swim in a sea of wisdom, endlessly fascinating
  6. When people try to influence you to take risks, stick with your first inclination—which is probably to be cautious. Take pride in your ability to be responsible.
  7. People you relate to move you, you need to hang out around other dreamers, not daydreamers but people with goals, those who plan to do something significant with their lives.
  8. Treat every person you meet, without single exception, as the most important person on earth. You will find that they will begin treating you the same way.
  9. I realized that people are frustrating at times. They show up at the wrong places at the wrong time for the wrong reason. They are always interesting but not always charming. They are not always predictable because they have minds of their own. You can’t get along with them, and you can’t make it without them. That’s why it is essential to build proper relationships with others in our crowded world.
  10. Some friendships weren’t meant to last, some people aren’t meant to be in my life, just move on with no regrets
  11. Those who claim they have haters often do not have much to hate on and are often haters themselves
  12. Learn to laugh at yourself. Sometimes you’ll be wrong— just admit it!

happy new year!!best wishes

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