Act of Random Kindness at a time

Spending hours walking the streets meeting people, people who are drug addicts, prostitute themselves or do things that harm themselves or anyone with a burden in their heart. I take the time to talk with them and listen to what burdens they have and invest in their lives.

Doing so you’ll realize that when people come to you with their problems, they know what they’re doing is wrong, so instead of focusing on their problems you focus on their value. Instead of judging, observe their heart and express what you see is significant about them (their smile that may bring you joy, their ability to listen or carry on a conversation, their gentleness or potential, etc.). Speaking value is what impacts their lives to want to live or the better, speaking light not the darkness they live in.

I am not a fully selfless person but seek every opportunity I can to live for others not myself. Sacrifice is the most authentic way to show love. And people everywhere I go (the market, shops, hospitals, schools, streets, homes, churches, etc.) are worth the sacrifice of my time and attention. It’s one of the reason why I study pharmacy, to be able to make a direct and personal caring commitment to the individual patient and acts in the patient’s best interest. I believe that, if I lived for myself, I would become insignificant.

I passionately love people, and what I have learned is hearts are most confused or broken when thoughtful words are left unspoken and loving deeds are left undone. Today could be your last day or someone else’s last day. A thoughtful word or loving deed could be the remedy to someone’s suffering. Make the effort, love with purpose.

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