Competition, Connections and the System

For the past two weeks, there were graduation ceremonies in many of our higher institutions as well as registrations and starting a new academic year. Approximately five thousands graduated and now looking for jobs, but five thousands?? Not even 1/3 will manage to get a job in the year to come.

A first year student in my faculty asked me to advice whether to choose Pharmacy or Medicine, as I was advising pharmacy, she told me that for one to make it in Pharmacy industry after studying, it needs connections or to be in the system, while medicine it’s assured to be recruited in their last year at the faculty. I told her that the secret to succeed is just hard work, create and develop a product of excellence, be the strongest in the competition and cash will flow. She strongly argued, just as all graduates, that you need connections to move you up the ladder.

I believe that relationships is a key to success, many people complain about not winning a business contract or a job – All the people involved know each other. The truth is people you relate to move you, if you haven’t learned how to get along with people, you will always be fighting a battle to succeed. On the other hand, making connections a strength take you farther than any other skill you develop. People like to do business or work with people they like.
Relationships, advocacy and lobbying in a competition are catalyst to make it through and succeed or secure a job.

Put it the way President Theodore Roosevelt did: “The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.”

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