Learning Or Certificate?

These last weeks I attended and hosted some events, training events.

This lady was sitting next to me, I was just being mindblowed by lectures, and she asked “is this institute recognized? Can the certificate be considered?” and I was like “huh O_o , what benefit you? What you learned or the certificate? What will benefit you between life-changing principles we are getting or the paper testifying that you spend four hours here?”

I’m always saddened by people who attend trainings for certificates instead of learning.
I wonder, does the certificate testify that you know or that you just learned and I’m sure if you attended just for a certificate, you didn’t get anything of what was taught.

And this take me back to our community where young people are so lazy to learn, just hunting finished products but I’m confident as I see many Rwandans developing a culture of reading, we have discussion platform,… hopefully in months to come we will see young Rwandans who are well versed in all kinds of wisdom, well educated and having keen insight. Thus a community of intellectuals striving to stretch to the next level…

8 thoughts on “Learning Or Certificate?

  1. I totally agree that certificates means nothing.
    I used to attend workshop at GOETHE-INSTITUTE
    some members asked for certificates, so the instructor
    replied no where will ask you for certificate, just they want
    your project if it’s good they sponsor it.

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