Born to lead… Facts about First Born

First born children are welcome into a tightly primped environment diddled with elevated standards and high expectations.

We are negatively affected by being first born, we are children with adult problems, alone and young, we must overcome our sentence, being an older brother or sister but to the younger we’re parents, some of us left school early to become interim, all household expenses are always ours.
Amateur parents’ inevitable anxiety can often seep into a first born, resulting in a lifetime of worry and self consciousness, we carry curses from harm of our parents and have to erase the stain and transmit to our brothers and the next generation the blessing.

On the other Optimistic side, these children often develop a diverse vocabulary at an early age, are independent, strong-willed and able to adapt easily in many situations.
We are known to be highly organized; we are confident, determined because the family depends on us; we are good about finishing our projects.
We are often excellent leaders as we get early training in being the boss when baby-sitting and taking care of the house and we’re eager to please, as well, pursuing carriers in education, politics and entrepreneurship.
We often take the role of peace maker attempting to resolve financial and all kind of problems. We mediate and abstain from initiating more conflict; this can lead to perpetual passive aggressiveness.
First born children also tend to be over-achievers and can be greatly discouraged by perceived failures relating to school, career or personal relationships.

Facts about first-borns

  • Newscasters and TV talk show hosts ten to be first born or only children. Prominent examples include: Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, Ted Koppel, Oprah, Donahue, Geraldo, Arsenio Hall and Rush Limbaugh.
  • Over half of U.S presidents were firstborns, Twenty-two (22) presidents were first born, note that Barack and Michelle Obama are first-borns.
  • same in Africa, more than half of presidents are first born
  • Firstborn children are over-represented among Nobel Prize winners

Hints for First-borns

  • You can have high standards and expectations without being a perfectionist. Try loosening up a bit, and don’t expect that others should adhere to the same standards that you set for yourself.
  • When people try to influence you to take risks, stick with your first inclination—which is probably to be cautious. Take pride in your ability to be responsible.
  • Learn to laugh at yourself. Sometimes you’ll be wrong— just admit it!

We were born to lead…

4 thoughts on “Born to lead… Facts about First Born

  1. Fabrice HUMURA says:

    I didn’t know this & really shows how great we are(First born). I like it, keep on giving us more like this. You are a good writer for sure

  2. wow! wow! wow!!! Israel you are an awesome writer. What took you so long, bro? I never thought about firstborns through this angle but I totally agree. I happen to appear in your essay many times :D. Keep it up!

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