Agaciro, more than a fund – stretching to the next level

“Agaciro, more than a fund – stretching to the next level”, ‘Agaciro’ is a Rwandan word meaning self-dignity, the dignity which Rwanda hopes to apply through grassroots investments in its ambitious development agenda, stretching from a level to the next.

‘Agaciro’ is more than a fund; it’s an attitude, a desire of self-determination. Rwandans should understand the principle of stretching, constantly pressing forward, never being satisfied by what they’ve achieved but believing there is much more to do.

The Agaciro Development Fund is a Rwanda’s first solidarity fund, based on voluntary donations. This Fund has been initiated by Rwandans, at the 2011 Umushyikirano (National Dialogue), to fast-track and own their development. This will also improve the level of financial autonomy of Rwanda as a Nation. The Fund is financed by voluntary contributions from Rwandan citizens in Rwanda, Rwandan citizens abroad, private companies and friends of Rwanda. The Agaciro Development Fund sets the tone that Rwandans will work together to drive their own development.

But what I want to share is the hidden treasure of this fund, it’s the mindset shift behind it, the mindset which must every Rwandan should have to build a dignified Rwandan community.

Low self-esteem made Africans trade themselves for nothing, Agaciro, dignity, don’t allow oneself to be at the mercy of anyone. We can’t be made to dance around by everybody who thinks that they are better or they have more than us, No way.
But the big issue is while they rush to work, we rush to rest.

Our generation today in Africa has to keep pushing for excellence;Success built on internally-generated ideas breeds confidence and fosters dignity.
I submit to you that Africa’s position and relevance in the world in an increasingly competitive global environment will be ensured by a leadership and people that refuse to be second best and that stand up for their shared interests.We must have that determination, we must make that choice and we must be able to do it.
We are capable of doing it, because we are talented as much as any other person on this earth. Isn’t it? Yes! Why should you be a secondary citizen on this planet earth? Why should you? Ask yourself that question.

Our goal to be budget self-sufficient, comes with a lot of hard work that we must be able to undertake, no doubt about it, and we shouldn’t expect anyone else to be the one to undertake that hard work for us.comes with a lot of hard work that we must be able to undertake, no doubt about it, and we shouldn’t expect anyone else to be the one to undertake that hard work for us.

“without changing our pattern of thoughts, we will not be able to solve the problems we created with our current pattern of thoughts” Albert Einstein

Proudly Rwandan!

also published on Youth Ambassadors Rwanda Blog

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